Retro Arcade 07/18/13 – Goodbye and Thank You

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Someone said, “All good things must come to an end.”, and although I won’t argue that our show was a ‘good thing’ it is true that eventually all things will end.
It was fun doing the Retro Arcade for awhile, and gave me the opportunity to delve into the topic of video game history which is something I have always been fascinated with, mainly because I feel I was a part of it. I helped to build video games into what it is today along with all of you. We didn’t make the games. We supported them. We spent our money and countless hours into them. And the stories of how they came to be and what happened next was not only nostalgic to me, but let me understand more where I fit into the bigger picture as a gamer.
I thank you all for listening as long as you did. Even though most of you remained silent and anonymous, I could still see you and appreciate the time you chose to spend with us.
But remember, someone else also said, “The show must go on!” P.T. Barnum? I don’t remember, but with that in mind the show will go on. FireMedic41 and Slyder will  host a new show on Blog Talk Radio, Mondays at 7 pm (MST). They haven’t quite worked out the title or the format of the show, but all will be revealed in a few short weeks. Still a part of the Geezer Community Radio, you can find them here.
I will be keeping this blog up for anyone who wants to listen to past episodes of the Retro Arcade and play with the links. I might even check back from time to time to update any classic gaming related info I might come across.
Thanks for listening! It was fun!

Retro Arcade 07/10/13 – God Games

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Tonight on the Retro Arcade we talked about God Games. Kinda what we talked about last week actually, and if not directly, the sim style games are very SIMilar (hee hee) to the God Games in the direction of the gameplay and the inability to directly interact with the inhabitants of the game by making them do things.
Considered by many to be the first God Game and it’s creator Peter Molyneux  as the creator of a whole new genre of game. Even though it came out the same year as SimCity, it’s mechanics served as a template for other God Games to follow. Thanks to Octanetwisted1983 for the gameplay video.
Populous: The Beginning
Populous even found it’s way to consoles. Here is the intro to the Playstation version of Populous: The Beginning. Thanks to TheLoudMinority for putting up this vid.
Black and White
This is actually my only experience with God Games. It was fairly entertaining for awhile, but I got bored with it eventually. I didn’t want to be an evil god, but a good one and it was difficult getting my peeps to go my way when I was such a pushover. Thanks to Alternalo for the video.
Black and White 2
Some consider this to be even better than the first. I would have totally picked the cow. Thanks to TheCrysisZone for putting up this video.
Dungeon Keeper 2
The Sequel to Dungeon Keeper, I never thought of this as a God Game, but more of a RTS. I am not a fan of RTS, but creating a dungeon and trying to kill the dungeon heroes was something that I felt was an interesting idea for a game. Thanks to stratocaster00 for putting up this video.
Magic Carpet
I think is sort of like a FPS God Game from this video. Looks like fun! Thanks to zirkoni88 for the gameplay vid.
I know I pimp this site a lot, and I am not getting compensated for it, but it really is a good site for obtaining classic computer games. I couldn’t recommend it more. All DRM free, and priced well. Good Old have most of the games mentioned here as well as a ton of other good classic games.
Thanks for listening!

Retro Arcade 07/03/13 – Maxis

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SimCity Classic Box ArtTonight we talked about the company that made the popular line of ‘sim’ games, Maxis.

Raid on Bungelin Bay

Will Wright’s first published game for the Commodore 64 by Broderbund Software. Will got the idea for his insanely popular SimCity while making this game. He had more fun making the maps than the actual gameplay. Thanks to DerSchmu for uploading the video to YouTube.


Short video showing the basics of building in SimCity. Thanks to OldgamesWuCz for the video.


I believe this is the SNES version of this game. Thanks LAMCL23 for the video.

The Sims

The next sensation from Maxis and probably their most successful line of games. Thanks to DillonPolok for the video.


Thanks to MaHaloVideoGames for the video.


I had to put this video up as well. This game disturbs me. It was for the Dreamcast, and apparently there were people who liked it. You used the microphone to talk and interact with the human head fish thingy. This video is NSFW, and contains some bad language. Thanks to the foul-mouthed ebolaworld for the video.

Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 06/26/13 – Cinemaware

Cinemaware_LogoTonight on the Retro Arcade we talked about classic computer game maker, Cinemaware.

Defender of the Crown

This is what put them on the map and is probably one of the greatest games in their library. This is the most ported game they have, ranging from the Amiga, to PC to the NES and Gameboy Advance.

The Three Stooges

I had both Defender of the Crown and The Three Stooges for the Commodore 64, and from what I remember my machine had a hard time running it. The graphics were not nearly as good either as they were on the Amiga. Thanks to cubex55 for the videos.


I never had this, but it looks pretty good. Thanks to Lee Swain for the video. I believe there is an effort by the current owners of Cinemaware to update and release this title, probably for iOS. See the video directly below this with the information on it.

It Came from the Desert

Here is another long play video from the folks over at The video is up on YouTube by cubex55.

The King of Chicago

Rocket Ranger

Interview with Bob Jacob

Here is an interview with Bob Jacob, co-founder of Cinemaware by Matt Barton.

As mentioned, Cinemaware is still around… trying to get some stuff out to us. Check out their games section for free downloads of the games in various formats. All you need is a good emulator. If it is coming from them it must be free with no strings.

Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 06/19/13 – Platform Games!

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Super Mario Screenshot

On tonight’s episode of the Retro Arcade we discussed the Platformer!

Platform games were super popular in the 80s and early 90s, and still being made today occasionally in indie ventures. And why not? They are fun!

Space Panic

Probably the first platform game, although some would argue Donkey Kong was since you were allowed to jump. Thanks go to oldclassicgame for the video. I honestly do not remember ever playing this game.

Crazy Climber

Is this a platformer? It certainly has enough elements to qualify in my book. This game came out the same year as Space Panic (1980) and also pre-dates Donkey Kong. Thanks out to Steverd99 for the video… I still think that damn music is creepy. Eesshh!

Donkey Kong

The introduction of a platforming legend… Mario. Thanks Quartrez for the video.

Bubble Bobble

I loved this game. But like most games was terrible at it. Thank you HardWiredGaming for the vid.

Ninja Gaiden

Definite platforming elements in this classic beat em’ up! Thanks for the vid, chileanretrogamer!


…and no, the first game did not have music. Either the Easter Egg in Black Ops 2 is modified to include the music, or more likely that game is Pitfall 2. Shout out to MNL32 for the video.


Another shooter with platforming elements. Great Game. Thanks to TheRagnarokSeeker for the vid.

Super Mario Bros.

I absolutely would be doing a disservice by not mentioning this game. The OG of platformers. Thanks to cubex55 for putting up MontyMole’s gameplay.

Kid Chameleon

One of my all time favorite platforming games! Thanks to Bpblu for the video and advice to playing this game! Man, this makes me want to play this game!

Decap Attack

Seriously… if you don’t have the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you need to get it if you are a fan of old school gaming. Both Kid Chameleon, and Decap Attack are on it, as well as a ton of other great Genesis Games. Go get it! And thanks to MasterJim87 for the terrific gameplay video. You are a monster dude! You didn’t even die!

Too many great games to put up. I will be here for days if I don’t stop now. Love Sonic the Hedgehog, Ghost and Goblins and the many other hundreds of other platformers out there. You helped define my gaming!

Again, go check out Good Old Games for their crazy 2013 #DRM free Summer Sale! Torchlight is free tonight!

Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 06/11/13 – Beat Em’ Ups!

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Tonight on the Retro Arcade we talked about Beat Em’ Ups! That’s right! Those games that made you wanna roll up your sleeves and punch some baddie’s lights out!

Let’s start with what was probably one of the first, if not the first, beat em’ up…

Kung Fu Master


This was the game that came before, and eventually evolved into Double Dragon… Good Luck Kid!

Double Dragon for the NES

River City Ransom for the NES – Very Long Play

The Simpsons

Streets of Rage 2

One of the best of this genre!

Final Fight

And I can’t forget…


Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 06/05/13 – Nintendo Game Boy

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Tonight on the Retro Arcade we talked about the Nintendo Game Boy! It seems just about everyone had one of these systems. With it’s puke green display and non-backlit option, we still loved the thing! And what did we love most about it?

Tetris came packed in with the handheld (great thinking in part by the folks at Nintendo) and helped keep this system ahead of the pack, even though the other handhelds technically were superior systems. The above system was recorded using a Super Game Boy adapter for the SNES.

Here is a pretty good timeline involving the Game Boy by Jesus Diaz and put out by Gizmodo. Great job!

There were so many great games for the Game Boy… I wish I could post video for all of them, but since I can’t here are some notables:

Although I was never a fan of Pokemon, you can’t argue with the success of franchise.

How do you follow the success of Tetris on the Game Boy? Add Mario!

Kirby’s Dreamland

I never had this, but it showed up several times on best of lists throughout the internet. Donkey Kong! Not exactly a direct port. It started with the same 4 original levels, but then opened up to a slew of other platforming goodness!

And my favorite Game Boy game…

The game was way better than this…

Now you are playing with Power!

Again, this could go on for days. The Game Boy was a great system to have, and it definitely earned it’s spot as champion in the handheld realm, and video game history.

Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 05/29/13 – Sports Games

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Ah sports games… where the sound of a cheering crowd is replaced by a static garbled midi, and the smell of hot dogs and roasted peanuts are replaced by whatever your mom is cooking for dinner.

One of the first video games, if not the first, and certainly the first sports video game ‘Tennis For Two’ was a game developed by William Higinbotham in 1958 that utilized an oscilloscope and analog computer to simulate a side view of a tennis court with net, where a ball was hit over the net to an opponent. Check out the video of it in action below.

Some early electromechanical arcade machines…

Crown Soccer Special Arcade GameFlyer for Crown Soccer Special pinball machine (1967)

Sega had a racing game called Grand Prix in 1968.

As well as Chicago Coin’s racer ‘Speedway’… which looks exactly like ‘Grand Prix’… lol.

Who could forget the Atari/Intellevision comparison ads featuring sports writer George Plimpton?

Atari Football (1978) for the arcades, is considered to be one of the first realistic, playable football video games. Realistic in the way it plays, not with the X and O graphics. It utilized a trackball for it’s controls. Below is a vid. (Skip to :49 seconds in to see people playing and not the demo screen).

As I mentioned on the cast, I didn’t play a ton of sports games, but I did have a few classics.

Activision Ice Hockey commercial (with Phil Hartman)

Activision Boxing

NHL 94 for the Sega Genesis was one of my favorite video games, and actually taught me the rules of hockey. I became a hockey fan, and a Rangers fan because the only player I was familiar with was Mike Richter (their goalie) and the Rangers won the cup that year too!

Below is a video of a guy who claims it is a world record verified by Twin Galaxies for biggest blowout in the game.

note: read the comments… funny!

Super Tecmo Bowl! One of FireMedic’s faves.

Cyberball 2071!

And the hockey game I couldn’t remember the name of that was 2 vs. 2 in the arcades was called ‘2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge’.

Going to close out with NBA Jam. Silly, fun game.

Thanks Sector for calling in, and thanks everyone for listening!


Retro Arcade 05/22/13 – Collecting games and the death of collecting?

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Tonight on the Retro Arcade, we talked about collecting games (I went on about the FC Twin pictured above) and how the announcement of the new Xbox One, and confirmation on how they will handle games, might  be the death of game collecting for the new systems.

Right after the Microsoft press conference unveiling of the Xbox One, Eurogamer journalist Tom Bramwell sat down with, as he states it, “Microsoft’s corporate-vice-president-of-something-to-do-with-games Phil Harrison”, for an interview and he asked the tough questions we really wanted to hear from this event. Although he wouldn’t go into detail on some of the items, (E3 is just around the corner) he did confirm the digital permission system that will be a part of the Xbox One. Basically, when you put a game into your device, it registers it to that device and anyone else who gets that disk will have to pay the full amount of the game to play it on their console, with their account. See the full interview here.

So what that means might be the death of renting games, the death of trading games and sadly the death of collecting games. When these systems become obsolete, you and I will not be able to go into a game store and purchase a game without purchasing the system that game was originally registered to. Unless we are able to go online and Microsoft still supports the hardware for us to buy the digital permission to play that game on our systems. But honestly, how long will they do that?

Look… I understand their viewpoint. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. The problem here is not that they are losing money to the rental or trading market. The problem is that we as gamers, can’t afford every game that comes out. So we rent, or we buy used to play the other games we want to play but can’t afford full price for. I wish I had a definite solution to this that would satisfy the industry as well as myself, but as a consumer I can only offer what would help me put money into their pockets.

1. Make the games cheaper.

2. If you can’t make them cheaper… make them better.

I would be more willing to put $60 down on a good game, than on a bad one. In fact, when I do buy a bad game for $60, I don’t forget, and it will take a whole lot of convincing me that the next game is better when I still have the bad taste of the last one rolling around my head.

So at this point, I don’t know what I will do. I liked a lot of the features that the Xbox One revealed, but ultimately, I am a hardcore gamer and it is all about the games. This doesn’t make me happy and I might have to seek alternatives. We will see what E3 brings and what other information is revealed when we get closer to launch.

But hey! This is the Retro Arcade! Enough with this silly talk about the future!

I found a website called The Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. that will take your old system and repair it, or you can purchase tools and parts from them to do it yourself. They have some cool cleaning kits for your old cartridges, and include the wrenches to open them up and clean the insides really good. Here are some instructions on it. They also have some instructions on the cleaning and repair of a NES system. They also have some affordable games for sale. Check them out!

Also, check out Lukie Games for consoles, cartridges and accessories for some retro gaming goodness. They have the FC Twin system I recently purchased, and a whole lot of other crazy systems I never even heard of as well as originals.

And if you do pick up a FC Twin, here is a list of compatible games. Not everything is listed here, so if you don’t see it, you can use this list as a guide to get an idea of why certain games do not work (they list some of those too). I am bummed that Battletoads will not work in it after the second level. 😦

And to end this post, Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from a few days ago. He talks about features not revealed yet about the Xbox One. Funny!

Thanks for listening!


Retro Arcade 05/15/13 – Controversial Games

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These symbols are oh so familiar to us gamers, being a part of the video game culture for the last 19 years. But there was a time where we didn’t have the ESRB to protect us from ourselves and controversial video games flew around unchecked. Tonight’s episode we talked about some of those controversial video games and what led up to the establishment of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

WARNING! Although we try to keep a family friendly show going on the Retro Arcade, tonight’s topic does contain some themes and language that some might find offensive. Listen at your own discretion and view this particular blog article at your own risk. It does show images and video of these controversial games.

gotchaThe ‘first’ controversial video game?

As you can see in the sales flyer above, ‘Gotcha’ featured pink rubber controls that were supposed to be ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humor as breasts that were squeezed to control the action. Unfortunately, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ humor to video game developer nerds was blatantly offensive to the outside public. The machines were changed to have joysticks on them later.

Here is a video of someone playing ‘Death Race’. Thanks to MadPlanet1 for the video!

And apparently there was a NES version of the game too. Thanks to nesguide for this video, and another shoutout to MadPlanet1 for pointing me in this direction. I would have never known about this game.

I wasn’t going to put up Custer’s Revenge here. But click the link to watch video of it. It was offensive on several different levels.

I thought this was a good documentary about ‘Night Trap’ and it’s involvement with the ESRB establishment. It interviews several people involved with the project including the late Dana Plato, as well as shows the idiotic senators blather about something they obviously don’t know anything about. I had a pre-ESRB rated copy of this game on the Sega C.D. and I didn’t see any of the things they complained about in this game. I even watched the infamous ‘bathroom scene’ about a dozen times to witness the appalling ‘see-thru’ nighty the actress supposedly wore. In this video I could tell it wasn’t see through, but with the Sega C.D.s crappy graphics, maybe someone, somewhere thought they were seeing more than what was there.

GameSpot (not to be confused with GameStop) has an excellent article surrounding the controversy of video games. Check it out!

Thanks for listening!