Retro Arcade 05/08/13 – Sega Game Gear

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And as you might have noticed I just changed the appearance of the blog. I am still working on it and hope to have it in a format that is super clean and pleasing to look at soon!
Tonight we talked about the Sega Game Gear


The Sega Game Gear was a pretty cool handheld system for it’s day. I actually had one of these babies, and was only frustrated by the fairly low battery life it offered. But the games were great, it was very comfortable to play, and who doesn’t like being able to turn the lights off and game in the dark?

game gear television add-onNever had one of these though, and honestly even though my local game store had it in stock, I didn’t have a great feeling about it. For one it was pricey, I think it was around $120 but I can’t remember for sure, and from experiences I had with portable television tuners in the past, this would have been a frustrating investment for a system I had intentions of playing only games on.

I found a website called Retroware TV that has a pretty good video about the GameGear. Very cool site too!

sega-game-gear-adAn old Magazine ad for the Game Gear

Here is a commercial for the Game Gear that is taking a shot at Nintendo. This was common advertising warfare from back in the day.

And another…

And one featuring Ethan Suplee

Game-Gear-Comparison-1024x710Another ad with the dog.

And a shoutout to MN12BIRD for this video on YouTube for the game I played the heck out of. I never did finish this stupid game… I believe this is an emulated version of the game.

Here is a Mortal Kombat vid by Shadow Sumac.

Taz-Mania game video on an emulated capture from MrMaskaman. I am not sure if this is edited somewhere, but it seems like he runs though the entire game without dying. I am guessing a cheat was initiated for this, because I remember playing the game and it wasn’t this easy.

…or I just suck.

Columns, the pack-in game that came with the Game Gear. Video by Mcsleeve.

And the top 20 games for the Game Gear according to applemctom

power packHere is that Power Pack I was talking about. HUGE!

I loved this system! Wish I still had it, but traded it in with my entire Sega collection a long time ago for a 3DO. Really. A 3DO. I liked the 3DO, but that was a lot of gaming to give up. Sega Genesis with 40ish games, a Sega CD with about 20 games, all the accessories for that and my Game Gear with about a dozen games.

…oh well…

Hey thanks for listening, and keep an eye out for the new look on the blog!



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