Retro Arcade 05/29/13 – Sports Games

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Ah sports games… where the sound of a cheering crowd is replaced by a static garbled midi, and the smell of hot dogs and roasted peanuts are replaced by whatever your mom is cooking for dinner.

One of the first video games, if not the first, and certainly the first sports video game ‘Tennis For Two’ was a game developed by William Higinbotham in 1958 that utilized an oscilloscope and analog computer to simulate a side view of a tennis court with net, where a ball was hit over the net to an opponent. Check out the video of it in action below.

Some early electromechanical arcade machines…

Crown Soccer Special Arcade GameFlyer for Crown Soccer Special pinball machine (1967)

Sega had a racing game called Grand Prix in 1968.

As well as Chicago Coin’s racer ‘Speedway’… which looks exactly like ‘Grand Prix’… lol.

Who could forget the Atari/Intellevision comparison ads featuring sports writer George Plimpton?

Atari Football (1978) for the arcades, is considered to be one of the first realistic, playable football video games. Realistic in the way it plays, not with the X and O graphics. It utilized a trackball for it’s controls. Below is a vid. (Skip to :49 seconds in to see people playing and not the demo screen).

As I mentioned on the cast, I didn’t play a ton of sports games, but I did have a few classics.

Activision Ice Hockey commercial (with Phil Hartman)

Activision Boxing

NHL 94 for the Sega Genesis was one of my favorite video games, and actually taught me the rules of hockey. I became a hockey fan, and a Rangers fan because the only player I was familiar with was Mike Richter (their goalie) and the Rangers won the cup that year too!

Below is a video of a guy who claims it is a world record verified by Twin Galaxies for biggest blowout in the game.

note: read the comments… funny!

Super Tecmo Bowl! One of FireMedic’s faves.

Cyberball 2071!

And the hockey game I couldn’t remember the name of that was 2 vs. 2 in the arcades was called ‘2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge’.

Going to close out with NBA Jam. Silly, fun game.

Thanks Sector for calling in, and thanks everyone for listening!